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October 2014
Current Comic: Sandoria Spurs: World Champs... yeah.
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Well, I think I'm finally getting to know Eorzea. So... I can start making fun of what happens to Arith Metic Mihgo in her adventures... 

And, trust me, I've already found a ton of stuff that's "just not right"

The WeSH LS commission list is now open.
Until 8pm cst Saturday.

Each commission is inked on 8.5x11 vellum car 50$ per character.

the commission document list is still at

Email me at for any questions.


On the weekend of August 24th 2012 I'll open up a commission list for active WeSH members.

It'll be a small list for those in the linkshell who held back from filling the commission list I set up earlier in July so that everyone else could get a chance. So their wait is over.

The commission list document will be accessed here...

he requests will be opened at midnight 0:01am on Aug 24. Just email me at
at 0:01am August 24 2012.
with your request and I'll correspond.

A new open invitation commission list will be started Sept 24th 2012. Where anyone can send requests, so please be patient.

Okay. I won't be able to access the commission system on AP's site until everyone gets back on monday.

So here's what I'll do. I'll accept commission requests to my email address 

please subject all commission requests "*COMMISSION REQUEST*" So I can organize them.

I'll use this data sheet to keep track of all commissions and post progress. 

Only commissions who've sent the appropriate fee through paypal will be placed on the list.

I'll begin accepting email commission requests at July 13th 12am cst. Please wait a while for me to manage the requests.

Sorry to be so messy with this as it's basically plan "C"


To reserve and pay for commissions, contact me through my email account. (which is also my paypal account name)

I will be accepting commissions from 00:01 am July 13th 2012 until all 50 character slots are filled.

I will posting the status reports here via google docs

Only commissions who've sent the appropriate fee through paypal will be placed on the list.


Commission characters: An object or person rendered in detail within
the composition. I usually limit people and objects up to 9 appendages
including head. If you have a winged spider-centaur robot, we have to
talk first...the level of detail is approaching 2 characters when we
go beyond that basic rule of thumb.
Price: 50$ per character, post paid in US. Add 5$ shipping per
commission in canada, and 10% shipping per commission world wide.
If you brought 150$ in character slots you get to place...

1 character in 1st commissions. 1 character in the 2nd commission and
1 character in the 3rd commission.
or 2 characters in the first commission and 1 in a 2nd commission.
or 3 characters in one commission.

Backgrounds: any implied or suggested setting or area that makes the
backdrop for the composition. Every commission gets one of these free.
And since it's free, it's up to me how detailed to make it. Any free
extra's flying missiles, explosions and whatnot is up to me. If it
must be super detailed, if it has reference material associated with
it, or if it's not up to my interpretation, it's a "character."

Rating: If ebay and/or paypal is associated with it, G-PG13 rating
only. When they catch anybody doing adult material through them, they
cancel their services (And keep all the money!) So if I did that, no
more online commissions ever, *ever* again.

I plan to finish 50 characters this weekened, allow 2 to 4 weeks for
it to get to you after your commission is completed.

Oh, I forgot to mention what my ebay ID is... 


I'll put the store up on ebay on July 13 and keep the store active to July 15 or until the commission slots have all been filled.

I set the price to 46.84 to make the shipping (3.14) free. But if your shipping costs more, I can only spot you the 3.14


It looks like I won't be heading to San Diego for a while.

But that's okay. I'll still be taking commissions during that weekend.

I'll offer 50 character slots on ebay. 1 char 50$ inked.

You can email me about how many characters you want on one commission if you grabbed multiple slots.

I just need to figure out how to set everything up before SDCC starts.


Ooops! I messed up and over wrote the strip I did on the first. Worse! I overwrote it on my harddrive and now it's gone!

As much as I love the operating system, Linux still leaves me unsatisfied. Dont get me wrong, I love not having to deal with viruses and not having my system gobble up memory like fritos, but I cant find the software I need to work with. For example, theres lots of pencil test software for linux, but none of them actually work without bugs or hiccups.

Ok. I'm back to playing FFXI on my downtime. Sorry for being away for so long!
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